Wednesday, 8 June 2016

When a Growth Stage Ends, Another Begins

When raising children, the stages of their growth are always changing. Just when you think you have a good routine in place and the babies are doing well on this schedule, something changes. This becomes difficult with twins (or more), as just when you have a good routine and schedule in place, they reach a point in their growth where something changes and you need to adjust the routine. For example, our twins where being fed formula in bottles up until a few weeks ago where they started on some food. Another example is moving their bedtime earlier if they aren't napping well during the day (but they may only be going through a stage and the bedtime will need adjustment again in the near future). Changes to their daily schedules will also impact your own. I feel it's important to keep routines in place from day to day, especially with raising twins, even if the routine needs continuous adjustment.

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