Friday, 1 April 2016

Family Comes First

For me, family, especially the children, come first ahead of anything else. I think anyone who is a caring parent believes this. Even through the hard, frustrating, and sometimes anxious times, you need to remember how precious your family is and the sacrifices you would do for them. It is sometimes difficult when I am at work during the day and I know my wife is having a difficult day with the twins. However, if things are bad enough and my wife needs help or isn't feeling well, I am lucky to have a somewhat flexible job position in that I can leave for home at a moments notice. Even in a not so flexible job position, I think many of us would be there for our family if a situation arose.

1 comment:

  1. Family is precious. Parenting twins is a lot of work. Having a spouse to support you in this journey is of utmost importance. You are both lucky to have a 2 to 2 ratio in your home. Keep up the good work!