Monday, 28 March 2016

Twins Draw Attention

Most people enjoy seeing babies, especially newborns, and they draw attention in public. This attention is increased much more with twins. My wife sees this the most, as she occasionally goes out into the public with them (shopping, walks, etc) during the week while I am at work. This can be a bit overwhelming for new parents who are very protective of their infants, as it was for us, however we are getting more used to it now. However I still feel uncomfortable when strangers come over to see them and they are standing quite close. We usually try to keep walking along as soon as we can.

They also get a lot of attention at a family or community get-together. This can be helpful if you are willing for others to hold them as it gives you a bit of a break. Even though it may be a bit stressful, they are usually in good hands and it's best to take advantage of this break while you can.

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